Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival & Its Origin

The mid-autumn Vietnamese festival is a unique cultural experience that travelers should consider participating if they are visiting Vietnam during the celebration. This article will provide you with information on what to expect and where you can attend parties around the country.

Mid-autumn Vietnamese festival and its origin
There are many legends about the mid-autumn festival,lunch restaurants in hanoi but for the Vietnamese, Uncle Cuoi's tale is the most important. This guy was a regular lumberjack, he cut down trees in the woods for a living. One day, Cuoi saw tiger cubs on the road and, due to his survival instinct, decided to kill them. Just afterwards, the tiger's mother appeared, but what happened next left him mute. The tiger's mother approached a mysterious tree, picked up some leaves and gave it to the puppies. Suddenly, her puppies revived and acted as normal. Uncle Cuoi decided to take the tree to his house, and on the way home he used the leaves to save an old man's life. The old man told Uncle Cuoi that every day he had to pour pure water into the tree,lunch restaurants in hanoi or else he would fly to heaven and never come back.

vietnamese mid autumn festival

Unfortunately, it was not Uncle Cuoi who failed to fulfill his promise. His loyal wife was too puzzled and poured water unimportant on the magic tree. Because of this, the tree was about to launch into the sky. Cuoi returned to the house and saw the tree grabbed her tightly, but it was too late. He was taken with the tree to the moon and never returned home.

Uncle Cuoi played an important role in the lives of all children in Vietnam. Every mid-fall festival, Vietnamese kids love to play with Uncle Cuoi. I am passionate about magic, stories and fantasy. I don't know about you,lunch restaurants in hanoi but Uncle Cuoi has made my childhood so colorful and meeting him can make me incredibly happy for a whole day.

When is the Vietnamese festival in mid-autumn?
The mid-autumn Vietnamese festival begins in mid-autumn during the full moon night of August. This is the most beautiful night of the year, when the moon is perfectly round and shining in its bright gold. This is when the weather gets a little cooler after the unpleasant summer heat. On August 15, August 15, the festival is the highlight of the festival, which is considered the Tet Doan Vien. This is the favorite festival of Vietnamese children in Vietnam. Older generations also wait for the day to enjoy watching their descendants enjoy themselves under the golden moon.

Just as American kids get excited when Halloween comes to a Vietnamese they share the same excitement at the Mid-Autumn festival. lunch restaurants in hanoi October and lunar August seem to be the favorite time of all children of all cultures.

Trung Thu, the Vietnamese translation for the Mid-Autumn festival has been the word people call and continue to mention over and over before and during the festive season, especially Vietnamese children. The festival falls on the full moon night of August, which is the most beautiful night of the year, when the moon is perfectly round and bright in its magically glittering gold.