Bánh Xèo — Crispy & Savory Vietnamese Crêpes

Bánh Xèo — Crispy & Savory Vietnamese Crêpes


Bánh xéo seems to have been designed to be eaten with family. Pasta, filling ingredients and vegetables are not complicated to prepare, but it makes no sense to be bought or made to be consumed by you. top 10 restaurants near me


Bánh Xèo — Crispy & Savory Vietnamese Crêpes


You don’t just buy 1/4 pound pork, 8 prawns or 1/4 head of lettuce. You kind of turn up top 10 restaurants near me the volume to make each step worth the preparation, and for me, shared meals are a lot more fun. fine dining hanoi

These crepes take a little preparation time and organization, and you can keep knocking these guys out faster than people can eat them.fine dining hanoi
I’ve always found the name bánh xéo interesting because “xéo” refers to the scorching sound you make when you cook pasta. Its name vaguely means “scorching cake”.top 10 restaurants near me The sound is much more obvious when the dough hits a hot pan, but here are some pictures of a hissing heat:

I heard a lot of people refer to bánh xéo as “that Viet Egg thing” and it always took a while to figure out what they were talking about until they mentioned that the stuffing has pork, shrimp, mung beans, bean sprouts and some green onion.top 10 restaurants near me

These crepes are yellow and kind of like omelets — but! There are actually no eggs here. It’s just saffron powder that colors yellow!
Bánh xèo is a food intended to be eaten by hand. You will always find a large plate of vegetables with a mixture of herbs to accompany. You can replace mustard with a pinch of green lettuce, and mint is the only essential herb here, with cilantro and Vietnamese perilla being the most widely used. However, you can really play whatever you want.fine dining hanoi

The earliest versions of bánh xèo were probably made with rice flour without the use of wheat flour. It may work for you too, but using wheat flour helps these guys develop this nice brown color when they hit the pan. trip advisors restaurants near me

I usually buy prefabricated rice flour in bags at Asian supermarkets. If this is not an option for you, health food stores like Whole Foods will transport it. As a last resort, you can do it yourself if you have a good blender, but we’ll save it in another post. trip advisors restaurants near me
This dish is always a delight to me since I will rarely eat it. It is also a great option for cooking for a group because it is affordable. You can spend $ 20 on enough crepes to satisfy 4–5 bellies!trip advisors restaurants near me