Saigon Street Food: Bun Do – Delicious Red Noodles

If you walk down Hai Ba Trung Street in the late afternoon, it is very likely that you will come across a group of locals sitting one inch off the floor on the size of a tissue box. in paper. While passing through the roadblock surrounded by individuals, take note of the cause of this obstruction: a bowl of bun do or steaming red noodles. The restaurants near me nickname red noodles is easy to understand when you see the street vendor churning a bowl of broth tinged with red fine dining hanoi.

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Another famous noodle dish from South Vietnam


Bun do, pronounced boon-daw (like the word "saw"), is an incomparable flavor. Each ingredient in the dish adds body to an already succulent broth flavored with a touch of tamarind sauce and chilli paste. Handfuls of boiled morning glory, pieces of frozen blood, scrambled eggs with crabmeat, candied tomato balls, large blocks of tofu and a pack of rice noodles, called brioches, bring a powerful flavor stroke. The soup is then garnished with a Vietnamese sausage log called cha. Order two of them if you feel slimy and you do not mind paying extra, but I do not want to, because it's the most balanced version of cha cha I've ever tasted. Saigon. The mauve and mauve spots in your bowl are nothing more than mam tom, a fermented shrimp paste with a rancid, rich flavor, that fascinates many people in this region. Mix the bowl well to distribute the flavors restaurants near me.

Most people mistakenly think that bun rieu, another noodle-based dish from the North, is an easy mistake, as the broth of both soups is made from mashed river crab meat. The only major difference between the two dishes is the increased acidity of bun rieu due to the addition of more tomatoes and sometimes tamarind sauce to give it an extra boost restaurants near me.

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The broth used for making bread is only crabmeat and tends to be softer than acid. The color of the broth better reflects the taste preferences of each region. To the south, a pinch of annatto powder is added to the stew as a natural food coloring and aroma enhancer, reinforcing the color of the broth in this reddish hue that earned bun its nickname "red noodle". Bun Rieu also uses the fried morning glory, which makes a remarkably more textured bun bowl bowl than bun do.

Madame Le's delicious shoulder pole

In an area behind Diamond Plaza, at the corner of Nguyen Van Chiem Street or Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, depending on the route taken, is Ms. Le's famous bun do spot restaurants near me.


On a sidewalk of Hai Ba Trung, she dumped her transportation pole at around 4pm each afternoon and began serving her soup to loyal customers shortly thereafter. This is not a fixed address. In the morning from 10 am, she feeds a crowd of starving spectators behind the Lush Nightclub. This operation continues until 15:30 when she then goes to Hai Ba Trung with her stick and two heavy soup vats. The afternoon shift is from 16 to 18 hours fine dining hanoi.


The second place, where Van brought us, is located in Saigon's financial district and attracts a number of office professionals looking for a cheap lunch or dinner. At lunchtime you will find a sugarcane juice sales stand, but you will not be lucky if you are thirsty because there are no mobile drink stations nearby.


... and the unique experiences of his mobile site

When Van started going to this place two years ago, Mrs. Le was selling a few blocks there, but because of the rapid industrialization of this neighborhood, her place moved more and more to north on the sidewalk fine dining hanoi. Van's affinity for brioche noodles brought her to this place, where she likes to make passersby jealous and hungry while sipping her bowl of noodles.


The busy street may be off-putting for some, but Van says it's part of the experience. I can see what she means best restaurants near me. Sitting on the sidewalk with the noise of the engines at the height is probably one of the most surreal culinary experiences I have had in Saigon so far. There are no tables and the chairs are so low that if I had knee problems, I probably would not have been able to get up without restaurants near me


Small chairs are not without cause. According to The Guardian, 78% of street vendors in the Saigon area are expected to operate illegally. The hierarchy of street vendors is divided into three levels. Ms. The figure in the third group of illegal street vendors: