The Best Pho in Saigon

This dish can be found anywhere in the country, from peaceful countryside to distracting metropolises, from street stalls to luxury restaurants. Locals have a pho for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. It is suitable for every season - be it summer or winter, in the cold of autumn or in the heat of spring. An interesting note is that the taste of pho varies as you make your way from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh. In the South, pho is sweeter, spicier, and watered by many herbs. It makes the pho broth murkier while the northern pho is smoother - with less spice and a more balanced flavor. More information about how pho taste changes as you make your way to the country can be found here.

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People love pho for delicious and sophisticated soup that combines different types of ingredients. Hidden within each bowl of pho is a world full of flavors that makes it keep coming back for more!


How to cook Pho

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The soup is what counts!

Pho has served in over fifty countries around the world, but not all places will be able to replicate a traditional authentic pho bowl. That said, its sophisticated taste makes for strict standards and a challenging task, even for the most experienced chef. See how to make this Vietnamese delicious dish for your loved ones.

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Recipes (for three people):

Oxtail: 0.5 kg

Beef rib: 0.5 kg

Beef: 0.5 kg

1 medium onion

1 small ginger

Coriander: 50 gr

1 cardamom

2 flowers of anise

1 small teaspoon of cinnamon

2 short sugar cans

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Garnish: green onions, cilantro, fresh lime, and children

Step 1:

Prepare beef and oxtail. Wash the beef rib and then cut the beef and oxtail into small pieces. Soak the chopped beef and oxtail in salted water for two hours to eliminate the odor and soften the meat before cooking.


Step 2:

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Prepare other ingredients. Roast onions, onions, ginger, and sugarcane. Do not burn them. After that, peel the onions, ginger, and sugarcane and run them under cold water. Roast the anise, cinnamon, cardamom, and coriander flowers on medium heat. Then place all the roasted ingredients in a cloth bag and carefully tie the bag.


Next, slice the roasted onions and onions in the fourth. Crush or chop the ginger. Wash coriander carefully to remove all dust. Chop the dried roots of coriander and green onion.


Step 3:

Remove the soaked pork ribs and oxtail and rinse them under cold water. Put all the meat in a pot filled with water and boil over high heat. When the water is boiling, continue to simmer for two minutes. After boiling the meat, wash the cow, and oxtail to remove the foam. This action will make the soup more delicious.


Step 4:

Place the beef and oxtail in a smaller pot filled with water. Boil the broth over medium heat. When the broth is boiling, if there are air bubbles, use a spoon to remove them. Then put all the spices on top in the pot of soup, including onions, mustots, ginger, sugarcane, and satchel ingredients. Season the mixture with the basic spice according to your taste. When the pot of boiling is boiling, keep simmering for about an hour and a half to two hours. You can use a pressure cooker to save time and energy.


Wait until the beef has become medium-rare and soak in boiling water. Then slice the beef thinly and allow to cool.


A good pot of broth has a slightly yellowish color not too much fat. It should have the natural sweetness of sugarcane and the light aroma of spices. Remember that you should not use fish sauce because it is salty.


Step 5:

Prepare the pho noodles and the fresh vegetables. Soak the noodles in boiling water before placing them in a bowl. Sprinkle some finely chopped green onions in the noodles and ladle with some broth.


You should eat pho while it's still hot. The dish can be served with coriander, some slices of lime, and chili peppers to enhance the flavor.


Where to Have Pho in Saigon

Although many sellers sell pho in the streets of Saigon, the five addresses below continue to guarantee visits from both.