The 5 Must-try Dishes in Hanoi – Breakfast Edition!




Vietnam, the country with a unique food culture, has never failed to surprise travelers. There are dozens of types of noodles, different versions of pancakes, and tons of unique dishes made from rice flour. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are the two major cities of Vietnam, and they both have unique dishes worth exploring. We've written many articles about Ho Chi Minh and this is a meal for you - for example Chinatown in Saigon - 3 foods to eat! Today, I will fly you to the capital of Vietnam and help you discover the five best dishes in Hanoi that you should try, and first we will focus on breakfast options, excluding the one you already know: pho.


Why morning? A good breakfast and a satisfied stomach in the morning mean the rest of your day will probably be just as good. Plus, a walk around the Hanoi Old Quarter in the morning will bring a lot of interesting and unexpected restaurants near me


If you are looking for a western government - this is not for you! When traveling, you should try local food - it's a great way to get to know the people and the culture!

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Hanoi - Vietnam

General Information

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and the second largest city by population. With over a thousand years established (since 1010), Hanoi has gone through many important historical events and has been influenced by many cultural factors, especially the feudal rule of the kings and the colonial system established by the French . It now shows the contrast between the old and the new, bringing ancient beauty into citadels, old temples, pagodas, and churches, while combining today's tall buildings and building the road system.

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Hanoi points of interest


"What should I do in Hanoi?" Is one of the most common questions that travelers often ask. If I were you, exploring fun food in Hanoi would be at the top of my list. However, to digest all the unique food you eat, let's walk through the famous points of interest of Hanoi. These are some of the iconic attractions in the city that represent Hanoi's beautiful culture.


Temple of Literature

Hanoi Opera House

Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural

St. Joseph's Cathedral

The prison of Hoa Lo

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

Long Bien bridge

Here is a great guide on how you can spend your time in Hanoi. The whole itinerary is included!


Best time to visit Hanoi

The weather in Hanoi is different than in Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, winter never comes, and there are only two seasons - dry and rainy. The Hanoi season changes four times a year. Whatever the weather, you will still be amazed at its beauty.


Spring: February - April

Spring is the time when the Tet holiday takes place in Vietnam. If you are visiting Hanoi at this time of year, you will have the opportunity to experience the Tet markets, where locals sell colorful decorations for the holiday and stunning flower markets emerge in every corner of the city.


Summer: May - July

Summer is also known as dry season. There was no rain at this time, almost all the sunshine ensuring good shots of Hanoi.


Fall: August - October

Hanoi is becoming a completely different city in the fall. The leaves change to yellow, even purple and red. The weather cools down a bit so you can enjoy the outdoors. Walking under the rain of falling leaves is absolutely romantic.


Winter: November - January

When winter arrives, there will be no more moisture and heat. The winters in Hanoi are not too cold - only about 20 degrees Celsius, and there is not much rain. At this time of year, the streets of Hanoi will be lively and will start serving crazy delicious food.


The Top 5 Must Try Foods in Hanoi

1. Eggs coffee - Ca phe trung

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Mmmm ... brave

Egg coffee is proudly considered one of Hanoi's signature drinks. It was invented by a bartender who worked for the Metropole Hotel in Hanoi during the colonial period. He was inspired by cappuccino while working there. This guy is named Giang. He made the first cup of egg coffee in 1946 and since then, has become a recognized drink in Hanoi and soon, the rest