Banh Cuon – Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls (All You Need To Know)

You probably already know that banh is one of my favorite breakfast dishes in Vietnam. So what about other dishes on the delicious breakfast list? Today, you'll discover one of the most interesting and oldest breakfasts in Vietnam: banh cuon - Vietnamese steamed rice rolls.good restaurants near me

banh cuon

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What is Banh Cuon - Vietnamese Rapid Rollers

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Simple and delicious

Let us go back in time to the time of Prince An Quoc (around 300 BC). Ancestors of the Vietnamese relocated to the area, which is known today as Thanh Tri Ward (Hanoi), and started growing rice there. The steamed rice roll was thus born. Two millennia later, the dish spread across the country, and has now become one of the most popular Vietnamese breakfasts of all social classes.

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Banh Cuon sounds easy enough, yet it requires a certain skill to roll good. The original version of Thanh Three contains no fillers. Little by little, there was a bathing suit with various fillings and styles. Basically, we can divide the standard serving of a banana into three main parts: the soft rice cover, the rich filling, and the tasty sauce.

vietnamese steamed rice roll

Banh Cuon sounds easy enough, yet it requires a certain skill to roll good.

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How To Make Banh Cuon?

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The steamer and the steamer needed to make Banh Cuon

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Rice cover: To make the batter, you need water, rice flour and a few drops of vegetable oil. Isn't it just that? This batter is then set aside until a lucky guest arrives.


Fillings: In most cases, banh-cuon filling is a nice combination of various types of mushrooms, especially the wooden ear fungus, pork (or shrimp), and onion. Various regions have their own alternatives. These ingredients are spicy and mixed together with spices. Unlike the rice pan, a banh-cuon filling is fried with some water just after the preparation vietnamese restaurant in hanoi


Sauce: Banh cuon tastes best when accompanied by a tasty, enhancing sauce. Fish sauce is most commonly used to make the liquid. A combination of hot water and some sugar is essential to softening the salt, and some additional vinegar would be perfect for creating the slightly acidic taste. Customers can add more kumquat to enhance the acidity, which will increase the flavor of the pork. We encourage spice lovers to use chili!

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The process: A large banh-cuon steamer, a piece of cloth twice the size of the pot / steamer, and a long flat rag is the chef's best friends! The cloth should firmly cover the tip of the steam. As water boils in the steam, it releases steam through the towel layer throughout the day.


Do you still remember our bat? Inside the bucket (which is usually covered with layers of banana leaves), our beater patiently waits for a eager order from a customer. When the order is done, take a teaspoonful of boiling water out of the bucket and spread thinly onto the smokey towel layer. A special fence is then used to form the liquid layer to a perfectly thin and round shape, not terribly unlike crep.

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Within half a minute, the liquid becomes sticky. It is immediately removed from the steam by a flat saucer and skillfully placed on a large plate. Another super thin rice paper is steamed similarly and stacked on the top layer on the plate. This process is repeated until the rice cover reaches its delicious thickness. At this point, the filling is carefully placed on top of the steam layers, then rolled up, and cut into pieces of knot. You will find fried onion toppings and extra fresh spices and veggies to accompany your bath service.hanoi restaurants old quarter


How to Eat Banh Cuon?

The way you eat a bathing cake differs from North to South Vietnam. In Hanoi, serving a bathtub usually involves three plates and one bowl. Our tasty, ready-to-use sauce comes in the small bowl. Banh Cuon rolls, optional sausages and spicy vegetables are on separate plates. You then add one piece of bath and dip it in the sauce before enjoying it. You can eat the sausages and vegetables as you vietnamese restaurant in hanoi

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In the South drawers, sausages, and vegetables come together on the same plate. Guest pour the sauce directly onto the plate, turn the rolls upside down to evenly spread the flavor, and then enjoy all at once.

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The way to eat Banh Cuon is different from North to South Vietnam.


Where to find Banh Cuon in Vietnam?

Vietnamese steamed rice rolls and sausages

Celebration of banh cuon sausage best vietnamese restaurant in hanoi

Banh Cuon originally came from the North and this is where you can find the best bath. Below are recommendations for you.

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Hanoi: Banh Cuon is a must try in Hanoi. Banh cuon Thanh Tri (from Thanh Tri Ward) should definitely be on your priority list. Ba Hoanh Banh Cuon's shop on To Hien Thanh Street offers one of the most favorite dishes in the city. If you like chicken, don't forget