Traveling with Dietary Requirements in Saigon (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Halal, and More!)

Traveling with dietary needs in Saigon may seem difficult. On the one hand, it is difficult to find a restaurant in common areas of tourist attraction with a satisfying dish that suits your diet. On the other hand, there are so many types of local foods that can fall on your dietary menu, however, neither you nor the seller know it! This article is designed to help you understand how to maximize the value of your trip with foods that fit your needs. I will cover various types of diets, including vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal and gluten vietnamese restaurant in hanoi

Traveling with Dietary Requirements in Saigon

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Eat in Saigon: vegetarian, halal, kosher or gluten free


Actually, it is easy for vegetarians to navigate the maze of the Saigon food market. The simplest way is to order a bread / rice combo with egg and say this (or write this on your phone and show the seller): "Toi an chay".

Stay tuned, some vendors can make you vegetarian on request (just tell them you only want eggs, no shrimp, no meat). It's really worth a try and you don't sacrifice the local flavor!


In Vietnam, traditionally, most vegetable consumers are vegans. Interestingly, people who are Buddhists (the most widespread religion in Vietnam) traditionally eat vegan two days of the lunar month. If you contact a local vegetarian restaurant, you will witness clusters of vegetarian meat, vegetarian egg, vegetarian duck, vegetarian meat and many other interesting options that you cannot find anywhere else. In addition, we have a source of vegetarian fish that you can buy in Vietnam and take with you while traveling, in case you try a street food rice cake without a vegetable source.

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If you are vegan, do not hesitate to enter any local vegetarian restaurant! If you are not sure of the risk, tell sellers that you do not eat eggs: "Toi khong an trung."


Edible according to Jewish law

Kosher food is food prepared according to Jewish religious dietary laws. In very basic words, pig, rabbit, eagle, owl, catfish, sturgeon, shellfish and most insects and reptiles, among others, are not kosher. In addition, there are certain sets of requirements that food must meet to be qualified as kosher as you know. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find a kosher restaurant in Saigon. Let's opt for this:hanoi old quarter restaurant


While there aren't many Halal restaurants in the city, don't worry if you visit Saigon. Vegetarian cuisine is mainly Halal if the food does not contain alcohol. Therefore, I also recommend the restaurants mentioned above.

Traveling with Dietary Requirements in vietnam vegetarian

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Otherwise, you can stroll along Nguyen An Ninh Street, a small street next to Ben Thanh Market. There are some good options to choose from! Check out these highly recommended restaurants for a well-served halal meal: vegetarian restaurant hanoi


Halal Saigon: This restaurant was founded by a Malay in 2009; It encompasses the fusion of flavors from Malaysia and Vietnam in a clean and Halal environment.

Address: 31 Dong Du Str, Dst. 1, HCMC.

Opening hours: (daily) 7:30 AM - 10 PM


Daun Restaurant: Just a three-minute walk from Ben Thanh Market, this restaurant is owned by a Singaporean. It offers Singaporean, Malaysian, Western and, of course, Vietnamese culinary options.

Address: 194 Le Thanh Ton Str, Dist. 1, HCMC.

Opening hours: (every day) 7 a. M. - 10:30 p. M.


Pho Muslim: a two-minute walk from Jamiul Islamiyah Mosque, Pho Muslim serves authentic Vietnamese halal food. The dishes of this small local restaurant are reasonably priced.

Address: Alley 505 Tran Hung Dao Str, Dst. 5, HCMC.

Comments and suggestions: Tripadvisor


Kampung Pandan Restaurant: This restaurant is very close to the Ben Thanh street food market. It serves Indian, Vietnamese and various other dishes from East Asia. It is said that Roti Canai is one of the best.

Address: 53 Thu Khoa Huan Str, Dst. 1, HCMC.

Main site: 6 AM - 11:30 PM


VN Halal: This restaurant, which mainly serves Asian dishes with some culinary influences from Thailand and China, is worth a visit if you live in the Ben Thanh market area.

Address: 14 Pham Hong Thai Str, Dst. 1, HCMC.

Main site: (daily) 3 PM - 10 PM


Gluten free diet (GFD)

A strictly gluten-free diet can be a challenge, especially when traveling, people who follow a GFD should be very careful with their daily food due to health problems rather than religious factors. There are several notices you can consult with an experienced celiac here.


Before choosing a dish, be sure to check with the seller if it contains wheat ingredients (bot mi). Emphasize to sellers that you cannot eat wheat due to health problems. If you are not sure of the sources provided in u