Tourist culinary trail: Best restaurants in Hanoi

Hanoi has many cultural sectors to distinguish it from other major cities in Vietnam. The border between the ancient Hanoi and the modern Hanoi gather together: Walking on the streets, we can enjoy the ancient Boddha Temple and soon appear in front of the eyes, the French churches of the Catholic Church one.

The most common forms of traditional Vietnam culture are also reflected in rich food culture: Traditional foods provide visitors to Asia, while others have a strong impact on French and Chinese foods. Therefore, the best restaurants in Hanoi are a great map with many different choices. Here are a list of the list of top restaurants that you have to live by when doing your route through Hanoi.
1. Maison Sen Tay Ho

On the old highway, Maison Sen Tay Ho is located in the center of the city of Hanoi, at Tran Hung Dao. In the culinary world, the Maison Sen is known as one of the best restaurants in Hanoi, offering a dish that can satisfy even the majority of guests. Sen's foods include more than 150 foods, including specialties from northern, central and southern Vietnam and other countries around the world.


The salad can start their meals with salad of German salad, salad-rich salad or sushi little sushi. Then, for big rice beans, enjoy a great selection of foods, such as a prostitute, oats, oils, calcium and octopus. It is also possible to try steak, twenty soup with dried fruit sauce, leather pig skin with galangal, seafood with Surgur Palm.

For desserts, the Maison Sen has great choices starting from traditional foods such as ice cream, sweet gruel ... for French pancakes, mousse, ice cream or fruit.

Address: 61 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Tel: 04 3944 9735

2. Hostels
Homes - a modern Vietnamese restaurant is enough to call the Pearl of Chau Long from suitable consumers.

The restaurant is beautiful and quiet. Guests can enjoy the famous atmosphere of this famous French home right away from the first steps to the hotel, on the traditional yellow wall and beautiful Hanoi beauty .


The house uses a third of the building's buildings, the rest is a garden with a shade of green trees, creating a sense of resignation and separation from modern life.

The hotel offers a traditional Hanoi dish, which is timely modified but still maintains a restaurant. Foreigners should enjoy the restaurant in Home Restaurant with traditional Hanoi foods. You can try Hanoi Cha Bun - sausage pork with rice vermicelli or cha la lot - Tomato grilled fruit covered with betel leaves. Chillin 'in traditional Vietnamese dishes and there is no place like a house.

Address: 34 Chau Long, District of Dinh, Hanoi

Tel: 024 39392222

3. Quan An Ngon Restaurant
In 2009, The Miele Guide approved Quan An Ngon as one of five restaurants in Vietnam for its delicious flavor. Because he knew well, Quan An Ngon was often full of customers who sometimes gave visitors a wait. However, foods have traditional foods from all parts of Vietnam.


Quan An Ngon has a website for each region. Before cleaning it, you can walk around the smell, fire, and color of a small house. Their supplementary meals are sugar cooked in pastry saucepan, freshwater cake, Vietnamese Krispy, bamboo cats with Chicken Gourd

The precious stones are daily straw, guaranteeing the newest beauty, especially for the seafood.

Address: 18 Phan Boi Chau, Cua Nam, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Tel: 090 212 69 63

5. Grandmothers shop

Grandma's grandmother was surprised by foreigners with attractive faces and winds. In Hanoi's mind, it is a good place for residents and guests alike with family or industry.


Grandma's character is to justify traditional people's nourishment. You will have the opportunity to experience the well-known hostesses, but they are moving forward, which highlights other Vietnamese practices. Food is based on vegetarian foods on festive occasions