The Best Massage Spas in Saigon

Have you ever spent a day walking around the city in need of a refreshing last day? Bring yourself to fight and you will be full of energy again. But the question is: which way in Saigon do you get the best massage?


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Invasion of Vietnam
Thousands of years ago, people had used their hands to reduce pain by pushing, pushing, kneeling, etc. to parts of the body. Over time, developing skills, people have developed techniques based on the use of hand teeth and acupuncture treatments, which have since not been called "massage". It is said that Vietnamese people take Chinese Massage; However, we can see the difference between these methods: kneading, working your knife through your muscles.
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There are two types of influence in Vietnam: the Vietnamese tradition and the Thai way, as the demand for Thai is so high. The suggestions below in Saigon are twofold. But before revealing these trade secrets, there are some "old-fashioned" facts about doing massage in Vietnam that I think you should know first.

Does that make sense?

When it comes to massage therapists, people have always considered places for men. These victims were believed to be where the men came from. And in fact, it is often thought that if men are seen entering / entering the farm room, they will be considered players. But things are getting better now. More and more people are looking for the best practices on a regular basis, including women. Locals now feel that taking a long vacation is a way to relax after a day of hiking and commuting in this great city. Don't worry, just stop by and enjoy your stay in Ho Chi Minh City as you'll be introduced to the best centers in Saigon.

Discovering the best spas in Saigon
1. At the Spa
Unlike others on this list, the Sa Spa experience is complemented by the extra effort that they put into it. The space is a model similar to the old Vietnamese country house, giving you great peace as you pass through the gates. A stone walk in the lush gardens takes you home, where you will be greeted by staff with cold tea and their snacks.

S services Spa offers not just a massage service, but also great beauty treatments for your skin, hair and nails, along with additional services such as a sauna, shower and bath bath. They even offer a pregnancy for expectant mothers.
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For each option you choose, you can also choose a time limit - 45, 60 or 90 minutes. If you have time, stay as long as you can. After a hard and tough day, this is the perfect end and you'll feel safe, both physically and mentally. Check out their menu!

3. Miumiu Spa

Miumiu has five spas in Saigon, in District 1, but the one on Ngo Duc Ke Road is the main center for its golden location: the Bitexco Financial Tower is in front of it and 800 meters from Ben Thanh market only. The contemporary American cinema at Miumiu Spa combines sophisticated furniture and vibrant music atmosphere to ease your stress.

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In addition to the Vietnamese and Thai traditions, Miumiu also introduces Shiatsu massage from Japan, focusing primarily on using the fingers rather than combining cells, knees and fingers during production . This treatment is believed to reduce stress, reduce back pain, reduce digestion and headaches, and many other things, such as help with health and nutrition.
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There are only two 30-minute services for you to choose from: legs slow or moving fast. The rest of your choice is over 60 minutes long so you won't let it go down. My favorite was the fresh gingerbread recipe. Don't worry about advice, because the service has a staff tip. They will only provide handmade antioxidant fluids before the service and subsequent cups of Vietnamese cats start. And one last thing, credit card is accepted and you need to make 24 hours in advance. This country is a bit busy, especially during the end