Saigon’s Fusion Restaurants: Try Something New and Taste the Old

In Ho Chi Minh City, the restaurant scene is developing to offer fusion cuisine with incomparable creations and delicious inventions. These restaurants are mainly located in the city center, to serve tourists from around the world, including those who are food lovers and looking to taste new tastes from unprecedented dishes. Here are some outstanding restaurants with varied menus serving fusion cuisine in Ho Chi Minh restaurants near me


The Garlik Restaurant De Tham

the-Garlik restaurant

Photo: The Garlik Restaurant

Located in the middle of the noisy city center, the Garlik restaurant has captured the peace and romance of a small space associated with remarkable cuisine. With a mission to serve Vietnamese dishes in a modern and creative style without forgetting the traditional values ​​of Vietnam, the Garlik Restaurant De Tham is undoubtedly the destination of all dinners that encompasses this vibrant city.

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The restaurant Garlik De Tham is proud to offer a rich menu with a wide variety of flavors and variations, which represents a unique vision of the two culinary cultures of Vietnam and France. Let me mention some remarkable dishes: Hoanh thanh gan ngong (wonton with goose liver), green avocado salad with shrimp eggs, grilled five-spice beef, grilled shrimp with salt and red pepper, sauteed Barramundi at Passion Fruit Sauce, and French Roast Caille. Using high quality raw materials selected from renowned suppliers, the Garlik De Tham restaurant has penetrated the restaurant market very effectively to fully convey the culinary essence of the three regions of Vietnam. Saigon customers should consider themselves lucky. Not to mention that the chef of this restaurant is Nguyen Thanh Tung Chef - Iron Chef Vietnam 2012.

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best fusion saigon restaurants

Photo: The Garlik Restaurant

His space is inspired by the European style. The restaurant Garlik Restaurant De Tham welcomes you in a quiet, relaxing and romantic corner. The restaurant has two dining rooms with two very different styles. You can choose a cozy little room with warm tones, resonating with a soft golden light or a dining room with modern and liberal beauty with white paint and classic furniture. Each corner brings guests a distinct experience to complement an incredible menu.

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Address: 216 Tham Street, Pham Ngu Lao District, District 1, HCMC

Contact: The Garlik Restaurant

Price range: 300 000 - 500 000 VND

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The LOG restaurant

The-Log restaurant

Photo: The newspaper

The LOG restaurant is like a cozy wooden house combining the luxurious dark brown of the wood and the rich green of the forest. Needless to say, the interior is peaceful with a golden light and the sweet scent of Meranti wood. For the pleasure of the guests, there is also an outdoor area shaded by trees and slightly windy.

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Each dish is a masterpiece of art based on their passion for cooking and creativity. Therefore, the whole culinary experience of this restaurant does not stop to taste, the food itself is presented in an artistic style. Fusion dishes are made from ingredients and processing styles typical of many countries. Enthusiastic chefs finish the dish with meticulous attention to detail.


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Photo: The newspaper

Inspired by the image of a wooden house, LOG in Ho Chi Minh City is a place you can not ignore. Whether it is a delicious buffet or an à la carte menu, this restaurant will conquer your taste buds and your heart.

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Located in the GEM Center - a modern architectural building for events, the LOG is a respite thanks to its open space and its green interior. This restaurant is separate from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city. You will be surrounded by jazz music and sounds of your beloved friends.


Address: GEM Center, Roof, 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Da Kao District, HCMC

Contact: The newspaper

Price range: 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 VND


Xi Xup Saigon


Photo: Xi Xup Noodle & Tapas

Located in the heart of the overcrowded city, Xi Xup is another peaceful corner (meaning?) And warm, where guests can hide and enjoy unique dishes. This restaurant is open only in the evening, which matches the black and gold decor.


The owner of the restaurant is a designer, so he is harmonious in his attention to detail. you can expect a class from spoons and plates. Now, this place is a little different from the others. The dishes served at Xi Xup have very strange names, strange cooking methods, as well as a strange culinary presentation. When I say strange, I really mean unique. All dishes