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Not only is Hanoi famous for being home to ancient, picturesque buildings but if you look inside some of the old doors, you will find a great Vietnamese cooking culture. In the Vietnamese capital, you will find many delicious local dishes, especially bun cha. This simple dish is a great combination of delicious and fresh taste, it has a vibrant color and the harmony of the meat and vegetables is incomparable.
When bun cha is made, it is incorporated into the Vietnamese diet almost immediately and naturally. Let's find out why the people of this country love bun cha.
What is bun cha?
Bun cha is a local dish originating in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Throughout Vietnam you can find many dishes that share a similar recipe to bun cha (like bun thit nu in Saigon), however, the dish is unmatched.
The dish is very simple to make and can be found at any time of the year. No matter if you eat bun cha at a restaurant or outside a small street cart, you will be given a plate of vermicelli (bun), a bowl of soup with roasted pork, and a basket of fresh vegetables .
Bun, the noodle noodle, is served on a separate plate. Hanoians are very picky when it comes to cooking and you can see this practice clearly if you notice how each dish usually has a different noodle. To make a decent bowl of bun cha, vermicelli should be thin, soft, and chewy.
bun cha
Cha is the meat of this dish, served in a bowl. The meat is made from pork and cooked in two styles: cha vien (ground pork) and cha mieng (grilled thinly sliced ​​pork). It is served with the broth.
The highlight of the bun cha is definitely the broth (or dipping sauce). To make the sweet and sour soul of this dish, combine the fish sauce with fish, vinegar, and sugar. The ingredients may sound simple but the taste varies from one shop to the next because each Hanoin has its own ratio. Dinners can tell if their bun cha is good or bad for the taste of the sauce.
Without vegetables and plants, Vietnamese foods would not be complete. In the large vegetable basket at the table, you will find fresh lettuce, Thai basil, cilantro, fish mint, banana flower, and coriander.
When and how to eat bun cha
In the past, people used to have bun cha for lunch. Now, since most stores are open from morning to night, people can enjoy any time of the day. There is no right or wrong way to eat bun cha. However, basically, there are two ways to enjoy this delicious meal: the southern and northern style.
Southern people usually wrap and roll their heads. So if you love wrapping things up, you can use a large lettuce leaf to wrap vermicelli, pork, and herbs, then dip the sauce in the sauce and take a big bite. The biggest advantage of this style is that you just have to use your hand to eat. So, if you still haven't mastered the chopsticks, don't worry about it!
If you want to show off your experience, follow the Hanoians. Northern way to eat bun cha is simpler. All you have to do is dip everything in the broth, mix it, and eat it like a bowl of pho. Vermicelli is a bit slippery so it can be both fun and challenging for those of you who haven't yet mastered your chopstick skills.
Now you know how to eat bun cha like a pro. The next question is where can you find the best bun cha in Vietnam?

Vietnamese Rice Paper Snacks – Are You Sure You Know the Differences?

Have you ever held a Vietnamese roll in your hand and wondered what it was made of? Your friend told you it was rice paper, banned trang, but you are 100 percent sure that it was said a few times before when you ate completely different dishes. Confusing isn't it?

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Along with a huge range of Vietnamese noodles, rice paper is one of the most common ingredients in Vietnamese food. Creative Vietnamese can make tons of different dishes from just one type of rice paper, and there are many types. Not only are outsiders lost in the maze to figure out what it is, but also some of us locals, including me! I remember one situation in which I introduced my friend to a rolling paper, and I watched it for at least 30 seconds before I could think of its proper name. Pregnancy, right? Well, I'll explain everything for you in this article. hanoi restaurants old quarter

vietnamese rice paper

best fried rice paper

146 Nguyen Van Thu Street, Ho Chi Minh City

In Vietnam, we use rice paper (banh trang) as a wrapping material for many types of Vietnamese main courses. But in this article, I'm going to talk about rice paper snacks - the favorite street snack of many locals. In this article, you will discover general facts about rice paper, what are the differences between the various rice paper snacks, and where to find the best places in town for this snack. For those who would like to do this at home, keep reading. I share all the ingredients used to make this delicious snack.

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All About Vietnamese Rice

Origin and name

Vietnamese rice paper

One must wet the rice paper to use.

Rice paper - banh trang was first made in the South of Vietnam and then its popularity spread throughout the country. It has different names as you move away. In the North, we call it banh da or banh cha in central Vietnam.


How to Make Rice Paper

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Rice paper is made from a mixture of rice powder, cassava flour and water in a specific proportion. When combined, they create a milky liquid. When the liquid is ready, you use a coconut shell spoon to pour a thin layer onto a cotton cloth over boiling water. After it is cooked (or solidified), use a thin bamboo stick to hang it on a bamboo woven mat in the sun. Because it depends on how sunny it is, the dry weather is flexible. When you check it, and it breaks easily, then it is ready to use.


You can make the rice paper thin or thick - this depends on its purpose. We use the thin version for wrapping food, and the thicker texture for grilling. Mung bean flour, corn flour, and coconut water are sometimes added to the liquid to enhance the rice paper, along with some aromas such as pepper, salt or sugar. You can also choose the over all: sesame seeds, shredded coconut meat, onion and sometimes small shrimp. Everything that suits your creative and personal taste.

The Best Pho in Saigon

This dish can be found anywhere in the country, from peaceful countryside to distracting metropolises, from street stalls to luxury restaurants. Locals have a pho for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. It is suitable for every season - be it summer or winter, in the cold of autumn or in the heat of spring. An interesting note is that the taste of pho varies as you make your way from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh. In the South, pho is sweeter, spicier, and watered by many herbs. It makes the pho broth murkier while the northern pho is smoother - with less spice and a more balanced flavor. More information about how pho taste changes as you make your way to the country can be found here.

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pho saigon


People love pho for delicious and sophisticated soup that combines different types of ingredients. Hidden within each bowl of pho is a world full of flavors that makes it keep coming back for more!


How to cook Pho

pho saigon

The soup is what counts!

Pho has served in over fifty countries around the world, but not all places will be able to replicate a traditional authentic pho bowl. That said, its sophisticated taste makes for strict standards and a challenging task, even for the most experienced chef. See how to make this Vietnamese delicious dish for your loved ones.

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Recipes (for three people):

Oxtail: 0.5 kg

Beef rib: 0.5 kg

Beef: 0.5 kg

1 medium onion

1 small ginger

Coriander: 50 gr

1 cardamom

2 flowers of anise

1 small teaspoon of cinnamon

2 short sugar cans

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Garnish: green onions, cilantro, fresh lime, and children

Step 1:

Prepare beef and oxtail. Wash the beef rib and then cut the beef and oxtail into small pieces. Soak the chopped beef and oxtail in salted water for two hours to eliminate the odor and soften the meat before cooking.


Step 2:

best restaurants in old quarter hanoi

Prepare other ingredients. Roast onions, onions, ginger, and sugarcane. Do not burn them. After that, peel the onions, ginger, and sugarcane and run them under cold water. Roast the anise, cinnamon, cardamom, and coriander flowers on medium heat. Then place all the roasted ingredients in a cloth bag and carefully tie the bag.


Next, slice the roasted onions and onions in the fourth. Crush or chop the ginger. Wash coriander carefully to remove all dust. Chop the dried roots of coriander and green onion.


Step 3:

Remove the soaked pork ribs and oxtail and rinse them under cold water. Put all the meat in a pot filled with water and boil over high heat. When the water is boiling, continue to simmer for two minutes. After boiling the meat, wash the cow, and oxtail to remove the foam. This action will make the soup more delicious.


Step 4:

Place the beef and oxtail in a smaller pot filled with water. Boil the broth over medium heat. When the broth is boiling, if there are air bubbles, use a spoon to remove them. Then put all the spices on top in the pot of soup, including onions, mustots, ginger, sugarcane, and satchel ingredients. Season the mixture with the basic spice according to your taste. When the pot of boiling is boiling, keep simmering for about an hour and a half to two hours. You can use a pressure cooker to save time and energy.


Wait until the beef has become medium-rare and soak in boiling water. Then slice the beef thinly and allow to cool.


A good pot of broth has a slightly yellowish color not too much fat. It should have the natural sweetness of sugarcane and the light aroma of spices. Remember that you should not use fish sauce because it is salty.


Step 5:

Prepare the pho noodles and the fresh vegetables. Soak the noodles in boiling water before placing them in a bowl. Sprinkle some finely chopped green onions in the noodles and ladle with some broth.


You should eat pho while it's still hot. The dish can be served with coriander, some slices of lime, and chili peppers to enhance the flavor.


Where to Have Pho in Saigon

Although many sellers sell pho in the streets of Saigon, the five addresses below continue to guarantee visits from both.

Banh Xeo Hoi An – It’s As Tasty As It Looks!

Hoi An is known for its tranquil beauty, stunning beaches, the magnificent ancient city illuminated by its colorful lanterns and its irresistible food. This combination makes Hoi An the destination of choice for both travelers looking for a relaxing vacation and hunting for their next taste of food. In addition to the well-known title "Ancient City", Hoi An is also known as "The Sky of Vietnamese Cakes". There are many different types of cakes you can try here. One of the specialties is Hoi An's version of Vietnam's most famous pancake - "Banh xeo Hoi An." tripadvisors restaurants
Vietnamese pancake - banh xeo - is one of the most popular dishes in Vietnam. We mentioned first in our blog post, Where We Find the Best Banh Xeo in Saigon, that due to geographical differences in cooking styles and spices in Vietnam, banh xeo can have many different regional interpretations. The southern, northern or central banh xeo styles have different variations to satisfy the local flavors. And today, I'll give you a tour of the delicious banh xeo by Hoi An. Make sure you are not hungry to read this article, or you may just need to book your Hoi An tickets. vegetarian restaurant hanoi
Banh Xeo Saigon and Banh Xeo Hoi An - What are the differences?
South Vietnamese (banh xeo) cake is considered the oldest version of the dish, which is why banh xeo shingle is a good example to compare with Hoi An style banh xeo. While the banh xeo in Saigon is huge, the Hoi A version is tiny. You could say that it really fits in with the typical tiny details that make Hoi An special: tiny lanterns, tiny houses and tiny alleys. The pancake's yellow color, reflecting the charming color of everything else in Hoi An, will lure you on the right track. For a better understanding of how different they are, let's take a look at the table below:good restaurants near me
When and how to eat banh xeo in Hoi An

Well, you might be wondering why we put a "when" here. If you follow the Street Feast range you know so far, the meals taste even more delicious when you eat them like the locals. Number one should be hungry (but not starving or devouring the dish instead of enjoying it.) The second is the atmosphere you expect. Some will want a tranquil beach bar to watch the sunset. others only need suitable places with great friends.restaurants near me

And the third is the weather. You need at least nine pans to operate a small restaurant. This means that it is always very hot to sit in and eat. This explains why this is the perfect dish to enjoy in the cold of winter (November-February) or in the rainy season (September-October). It's a great excuse to travel to Hoi An, even when they tell you it's raining there.

Like banh xeo in Saigon, banh xeo Hoi An is best eaten when it is warm and fresh outside the pan. If banh xeo Saigon loves its spicy fish sauce and tropical lettuce paper, then Hoi An's version boasts peanut sauce and fresh herbs from Tra Que, the local herbal village.

First, let's take a piece of rice paper and dip it carefully. Then put veggies and a bit of banh xeo in it. Wrap it tight and then dip it in the peanut sauce. And don't forget Vietnamese pickles (or Vietnamese Kimchi). The pastry of wet rice paper and crunchy banh xeo blend together, in combination with greens and creamy walnut sauce will create a burst of flavor in your mouth. Now let's take another bite and enjoy it.

Where to find the best banh xeo in Hoi An french restaurant
Hai Son Vietnamese Pancake Restaurant has been operating for ten years and is a must-try place for banh xeo in Hoi An. The restaurant operates locally with chairs and tables right in their backyard. Their open kitchen allows you to glance at their special abilities to make banh xeo. You can even try to do it yourself! The banh xeo is served warm by the owner with a warm smile. You will also notice that the webs here are square. This is unique in central Vietnam. It's very different from the wet tissue you get in Saigon. Because it's a little harder than a regular web, I think you could probably use someone to take notes. So useful, right?

Regional Differences in Vietnamese Cuisine

Travelers come to Vietnam with the intention of seeing its surreal landscapes which the country does not miss. From the cascading rice fields of Sapa to the north to the silky red and white sand dunes of Mui Ne to the south, every major city in the country has something to see so that everyone can see what makes Vietnam a backpacker's paradise. However, your itinerary is incomplete if you do not prioritize interacting with curious locals, know their war-torn past and, of course, eat food. It makes sense that the type of food available throughout the country is changing because Vietnam is a long stretch of country with many different climates. Here is an overview of regional differences in Vietnamese cuisine.best restaurants near me


PS: I included links to easy recipes for every dish I tried. Just click on the first mention of each dish encountered vegetarian restaurants

Vietnamese food culture

Vietnamese culinary culture

A common sight.

Vietnam is without a doubt a paradise for street eaters!


The country has a plethora of options for those who want to eat like a local, which means simply squatting happily on a bowl of rice or noodles on a sidewalk. You will literally see markets in every street and stalls at every corner, offering a variety of popular dishes, so finding a meal to suit your tastes is not a problem. You'll find on the sidewalk some of the best Vietnamese dishes, but if you're looking for a comfortable upscale restaurant, there are obviously places that meet those expectations. Many offer Vietnamese fusion cuisine, whether it's a mix of French, Japanese and Italian. If you are tired of rice and noodles, you can always choose a pizza or burger. Vietnam really has everything.

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You are not Vietnamese if you are not mistaken

Vietnamese food map

Here is a map that describes the famous dishes for each region. Feel free to download - it was made for you! 😉 tripadvisors restaurants near me




Vietnam is a long stretch of a country, covering a total of 331,210 square kilometers. To the north, it borders China and Laos and further south, Cambodia. Geography and climate differences across the country influence the types of dishes available in the region and for the most part, the differences are rather noticeable, even for an untrained language.

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North Vietnamese cuisine

Regional differences in Vietnamese cuisine

So much green!

North Vietnam, cradle of Vietnamese civilization, is the cradle of some of the most emblematic dishes of the country, such as banh cuon, bun rieu and bun cha. Another of these, perhaps the most famous - pho - is the Vietnamese national dish de facto. Locals appreciate this at any time of the day, but are mostly a staple for Vietnamese beginners, and it is extremely unlikely that you will encounter a restaurant that does not have it on their menu.

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When asked what is the best pho of the city, several sources will point you in the same direction to the old quarter of Hanoi, in a restaurant located at 49 Bat Da Street, called Pho Gia Truyen. Given the hype, the restaurant is not really what you expect - a rather old and tired little space of wooden stools and children's concert tables, so you may feel like you're arrived in the wrong place. But when you see half of Hanoi queuing outside without a doubt being photographed, you will know that your quest has been a success. The next achievement that strikes you is that you will never find room inside. You might have had to rent a motorbike just for this trip so you could join the countless other people who enjoy their meal perched on their bike outside.


When you see half of Hanoi queuing outside without a doubt being photographed, you will know that your quest has been a success.




The pho is essentially a noodle soup composed of silky and soft rice noodles, a complex broth, tasty, but clear and fragrant, some herbs and spices such as basil, coriander and star anise to garnish, multiple vegetables such as onions, garlic and kidney beans; and a type of meat - mostly chicken (pho ga) or beef (pho bo). For an extra aroma, you can add all or part of the condiments present on virtually all restaurant tables in Vietnam - from red pepper to lime through soy sauce, hoisin sauce and nuoc cham (prepared to be soaked in water). fish sauce).


For more information on this dish, you can watch the video below and click on this article: Pho.

​How-To Guide: Sea Snails (Oc) In Saigon

To answer the common question: "What to eat in Saigon?", Nine out of ten Vietnamese respondents will choose sea snails! In Ho Chi Minh City, there are dozens of restaurants as well as vendors serving different types of snails cooked in hundreds of ways. Therefore, despite the culinary proliferation in Saigon, sea snail restaurants are still busy and this growth has rarely shown signs of stopping. This is your guide to all things sea snails in Saigon - what to order and where!

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What to order

1. Oc Huong

seafood in vietnam

How do they taste?

What to order: "oc huong rang muoi" - sea snails roasted with salt.

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Nicknamed a seafood specialty of the first class, these sweet little snails delight guests with their sweetness and firmness. Sweet snails can be cooked in many delicacies, such as sweet snails steamed with ginger or grilled and grilled with garlic, but the most interesting is sweet snails roasted with salt. He is still at the top of the list of priority food choices when visiting any Vietnamese sea snail restaurant. The dish is distinguished not only by its natural scent and the sweet taste of sea snails, but also by the charm of spicy chili and the combination of salt hard to describe.

vegetarian restaurants

2. Oc Len

eat sea snails in saigon

Very creamy!

What to order: "oc len xao dua" - sea snails stir-fried with coconut.tripadvisors restaurants near me

seafood in vietnam


With a rustic flavor, coconut sautéed sea snails are a local delicacy, renowned for their delicious and greasy taste. It is virtually impossible to resist the bold scent of snails fried with coconut. Usually, people use their hands to take the sea snail, put it in their mouth and start sucking the sweet and fatty coconut broth from the snail shell. The mash of snail flesh, combined with the richness of the coconut soup, makes diners more talented.french restaurant naear me

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3. So Huyet

sea ​​snail foodho chi minh city

You will not forget the aroma!

What to order: "so huyet nuong" - grilled shells.


For Vietnamese gourmands, grilled shells are always the most delicious preparations (I realize that the hulls are not technically "snails", but they still belong to this list). This grilled assortment beats roasted garlic snails, mixed in salads, infused in soups and fried in tamarind. In fact, among all these preparations, the shells grilled over medium heat have a unique flavor, almost similar to that of bacon. Thus, huyet is usually served with lemon, black pepper, salt and laksa leaves.


Grilled snails taste a bit like bacon.


4. Ngheu

where to eat sea snails in sea snail restaurants in Saigon

It's a rustic signature!

What to order: "ngheu hap" - steamed clams.


Clams are not a strange ingredient in the culinary world, but the delicacy and uniqueness with which clams are cooked in Saigon make this dish a real specialty. Among the different ways of cooking clams, we would be remiss not to mention clams steamed with lemongrass. Clams are steamed only with chopped lemongrass stalks, chilli peppers and some basic spices. It's worth noting that this simple cooking method really works and after a try, the majority of gourmets keep coming back for more.


5. Cang Ghe

where to eat sea snails saigon

A little salty for a boost of experience!

What to order: "cang ghe rang muoi" - grilled crab claws with chili salt.


Crab is not a type of sea snail, but oc's restaurants in Saigon offer customers many kinds of shellfish. The tasting of this dish is as close as you can ever enjoy the richness of the sea. The crab claws are roasted with a salt-and-pepper seasoning that never fails to amaze gourmands on the first try. It is slightly fatty vegetable oil and slightly salty. The heat quickly sears the tongue and propels into the nostrils - but it's the right kind of burn - the only desire for spices!


6. Oc Ca Na

best sea snail restaurant saigon

Not so spicy!

What to order: "Oc ca na xao bo cay" - sea snails sautéed with spicy butter.


Oc ca na xao bo cay is still on the list of must-sees for newcomers to Saigon. Each sea snail sauteed with spicy butter is the most balanced combination of decadent butter and spices. Food lovers will ask for more!


7. so long

best restaurant

Saigon’s Fusion Restaurants: Try Something New and Taste the Old

In Ho Chi Minh City, the restaurant scene is developing to offer fusion cuisine with incomparable creations and delicious inventions. These restaurants are mainly located in the city center, to serve tourists from around the world, including those who are food lovers and looking to taste new tastes from unprecedented dishes. Here are some outstanding restaurants with varied menus serving fusion cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City.best restaurants near me


The Garlik Restaurant De Tham

the-Garlik restaurant

Photo: The Garlik Restaurant

Located in the middle of the noisy city center, the Garlik restaurant has captured the peace and romance of a small space associated with remarkable cuisine. With a mission to serve Vietnamese dishes in a modern and creative style without forgetting the traditional values ​​of Vietnam, the Garlik Restaurant De Tham is undoubtedly the destination of all dinners that encompasses this vibrant city.

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The restaurant Garlik De Tham is proud to offer a rich menu with a wide variety of flavors and variations, which represents a unique vision of the two culinary cultures of Vietnam and France. Let me mention some remarkable dishes: Hoanh thanh gan ngong (wonton with goose liver), green avocado salad with shrimp eggs, grilled five-spice beef, grilled shrimp with salt and red pepper, sauteed Barramundi at Passion Fruit Sauce, and French Roast Caille. Using high quality raw materials selected from renowned suppliers, the Garlik De Tham restaurant has penetrated the restaurant market very effectively to fully convey the culinary essence of the three regions of Vietnam. Saigon customers should consider themselves lucky. Not to mention that the chef of this restaurant is Nguyen Thanh Tung Chef - Iron Chef Vietnam 2012.

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best fusion saigon restaurants

Photo: The Garlik Restaurant

His space is inspired by the European style. The restaurant Garlik Restaurant De Tham welcomes you in a quiet, relaxing and romantic corner. The restaurant has two dining rooms with two very different styles. You can choose a cozy little room with warm tones, resonating with a soft golden light or a dining room with modern and liberal beauty with white paint and classic furniture. Each corner brings guests a distinct experience to complement an incredible menu.

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Address: 216 Tham Street, Pham Ngu Lao District, District 1, HCMC

Contact: The Garlik Restaurant

Price range: 300 000 - 500 000 VND

tripadvisors restaurants near me

The LOG restaurant

The-Log restaurant

Photo: The newspaper

The LOG restaurant is like a cozy wooden house combining the luxurious dark brown of the wood and the rich green of the forest. Needless to say, the interior is peaceful with a golden light and the sweet scent of Meranti wood. For the pleasure of the guests, there is also an outdoor area shaded by trees and slightly windy.

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Each dish is a masterpiece of art based on their passion for cooking and creativity. Therefore, the whole culinary experience of this restaurant does not stop to taste, the food itself is presented in an artistic style. Fusion dishes are made from ingredients and processing styles typical of many countries. Enthusiastic chefs finish the dish with meticulous attention to detail.


fusion saigon restaurants

Photo: The newspaper

Inspired by the image of a wooden house, LOG in Ho Chi Minh City is a place you can not ignore. Whether it is a delicious buffet or an à la carte menu, this restaurant will conquer your taste buds and your heart.

best fusion restaurants saigon

Located in the GEM Center - a modern architectural building for events, the LOG is a respite thanks to its open space and its green interior. This restaurant is separate from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city. You will be surrounded by jazz music and sounds of your beloved friends.


Address: GEM Center, Roof, 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Da Kao District, HCMC

Contact: The newspaper

Price range: 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 VND


Xi Xup Saigon


Photo: Xi Xup Noodle & Tapas

Located in the heart of the overcrowded city, Xi Xup is another peaceful corner (meaning?) And warm, where guests can hide and enjoy unique dishes. This restaurant is open only in the evening, which matches the black and gold decor.


The owner of the restaurant is a designer, so he is harmonious in his attention to detail. you can expect a class from spoons and plates. Now, this place is a little different from the others. The dishes served at Xi Xup have very strange names, strange cooking methods, as well as a strange culinary presentation. When I say strange, I really mean unique. All dishes